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Inzone Garland Hotel Qingzhou is located at the intersection of Haicheng Middle Road and Fenghuangshan Road in Qingzhou.
Inzone Garland Hotel Qingzhou is a star-level business and business conference hotel invested and constructed by Shandong Luxi Real Estate Co., Ltd. and managed by Shandong Ginza Tourism Group. The 15th floor of the main building and the third floor of the podium building have a total construction area of 25,000 square meters. It has various luxurious rooms, 34 banquet rooms and Shangshanfang buffet food parkway that can accommodate 150 people. It is equipped with advanced multimedia conference facilities. Can accommodate 20-500 people of different scales at the same time; supporting the hotel's international business club, also equipped with sauna, shopping center, KTV private rooms, gym, chess room and other entertainment facilities, various services, one should Everything.